Tuesday August 11, 2020


Oxnard and Pleasant Valley Basins (OPV)

The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency Board of Directors adopted an Ordinance to Establish an Allocation System for the Oxnard and Pleasant Valley Groundwater Basins on October 23, 2019. The new allocations take effect October 1, 2020. Notification of New Extraction Allocation letters were sent to all owners and operators currently registered with the Agency with wells in the basins providing notification of the new initial extraction allocation assigned to each well.

The Agency developed an Application for Correction, Transfer, or Variance Requests for the New Extraction Allocation for the OPV Basins. The form was used to submit a request for modification of the initial extraction allocation assigned to a well, transfer of allocation to a well, or correct information associated with the well. Variance applications require submittal of a $250 application processing fee. The $250 application processing fee will be billed to applicant. Check payment is currently the only payment option available for application processing fees. Application due date was June 30, 2020.

Please remit the form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or mail to FCGMA, 800 S. Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93009.

Application for Correction, Transfer, or Variance


Oxnard and Pleasant Valley Basins (OPV) Allocation Variance Review Committee

The Allocation Variance Review Committee provides recommendations to the Board on requests for new and additional allocation above that which has been previously extracted. Granting additional allocation would affect the allocations of the other extractors in the basin. For that reason, the Board appointed an OPV Variance Review Committee to evaluate these types of variance requests and provide recommendations for the Board’s consideration.

Application for Allocation Variance Review Committee


 Las Posas Valley Basin (LPV)

The Agency Board of Directors is considering adoption of an ordinance to establish a new interim groundwater extraction allocation system for the Las Posas Valley Basin. The proposed ordinance would replace the current extraction allocations established under the Agency Ordinance Code and Emergency Ordinance E and would become effective October 1, 2020. The proposed ordinance would be interim and in effect until such time as the court completes adjudication of the Basin. The proposed ordinance is based on the “Las Posas Valley Basin Groundwater Pumping Allocation System White Paper” dated June 16, 2017, developed by the Las Posas Users Group.


 Draft of Ordinance to Establish an Allocation System for the Las Posas Valley Groundwater Basin

Preliminary Draft Pool Allocations - Revised on 08/10/2020

Preliminary Draft Initial Allocations for Pool 1 Wells - Revised on 08/10/2020


The proposed ordinance includes a process for an owner or operator seeking variance to an initial allocation or minimum allocation due to special circumstances or exceptional characteristics applicable to the applicant. Additionally, the proposed ordinance establishes Reserve Allocation Pools in the East and West Las Posas Management Areas for lands which were developed within the Basin after 2015. The Board requests that owners/operators in the Las Posas Basin provide notification of their intent to apply for a variance or Reserve Allocation under the proposed ordinance.


Intent to Apply for Variance or Reserve Allocation